two women wearing gas mask standing beside tent

Are you looking for love

or ownership?

Her heart isn’t yours and it never will be

(you’re not even a real surgeon

and you don’t know how to cut through!)

Admiration means nothing

if you have to touch it to know it’s there.

You’d rather see her blind

than let her have a choice

because you’re afraid it

wouldn’t be you.

Air Resistance

man spin with splash of white powder

My love is hooved

and my goodbyes blunt toothed.

I never say what I mean.

The distance between us is so vast

my blows are caresses

by the time they hit your cheek.

I will never let anyone else

lose you because something

of yours has to belong to me.

This is it: You are mine to miss.

The Good Cartographer

person's legs

selfish love

rubs off on me

tired hearts are the hardest to break

but I’m done scraping poetry

off of your footsteps

leaving the crime scene pristine

as your soles

when they paved me

your conquest

waved and left

the key to my body

at the door

as I try to turn another 

failure into a lesson.


woman in gray coat grayscale photo

the Nothing is listening
as she pulls the needle through the wall
sewing her cage brick by brick
as not to let emptiness escape her
the next day she goes to war
wearing her chains like a dress
and small stains of neglected love
on the tip of her sword.


Why I never want to be loved by a poet

topless man holding woman

Why I never want to be loved by a poet

1. They’ll take credit for my battles and turn the blood into pawned gold
2. They’ll deem my abysses unclimbable and only see my shallows
3. They’re like gods, obsessed with themselves and will value their feelings for you above you
4. They’ll leave when they realize I don’t need them, being wanted is not enough
5. They will think this is about them.