Urban tragedies

Person Touching Own Bac

for whom
should we
degrade ourselves
into a ghost story?

our bodies belong to
the scene of the accident
as a
mercy kill

my mind’s been bitten
by the thought:
what would have happened
had we learnt to live






Emp (a) t (h) y

neon signage

if I could get just another 30$
you’d lighten your pockets and your
hot homeless artists in your area
just want to survive!
my cat needs some help
have you seen me?
not a scam!

I’m begging you




you took my username bitch
short for rent car repairs new underwear
transportation to surgery
don’t scroll past this
urgent prayer request:
staff deleted my account again





Woman Holding Mini Bird Cage in Front Red Smoke

I keep having this dream where I let my childhood pet die of negligence. I discover its body locked in a drawer, shrunken and mummified by the years gone by. I wake up and shudder in relief thinking I’d never allow myself to lose something so precious by simple carelessness. Then I think of my year as a mute. Is it true that some things become stronger when starved? He fucks the keyhole and I feel fine. I’m a closed door. My own hands don’t recognize me as I tear my way through the silence. And I feel fine, I feel, god I feel



Love, debugged

grayscale of woman smoking inside bathtub

I plead guilty of
writing another overripe bore
so hear me out:
of all things that have ended me,
this alone has made me long for more

for you I would domesticate time
make it our ally
then I’d have you build my home
here, where the tide stares jealously
at our clay walls
how sweet isn’t it
not having time to be afraid
until you’re already on the other side?