Anatomy of a heartbreak – Henna Johansdotter

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[February]: He’s left you a wishbone on your pillow. You’re not sure what to do with it so you stick it between your ribs, feeling the sharp end shift with every move, scraping against the aorta. You hold your breath while sleeping and do not stir as the dreams pass by like headlights, colliding into the mist.

[May]: You pull out your teeth as not to hurt him anymore. He says your silence is ugly and suggests you keep your mouth open.
[August]: He draws surgical lines on your body.
“See? This is where I wish you loved me.”
Outside the operating theater you panic and run, not looking behind as he calls you back. The hallways are roaring. This is not your home.
[October]: The rains come and you’re picking up the pieces, trail of breadcrumbs leading you into desertion.

[December]: Your reflection glows back at you from the…

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5 kinds of bad orgasms

woman lying on bathtub


1] The one that wears out halfway through as you remember how he laughed at your text yesterday, claiming he’d never noticed you looking at him that way

2] The one that comes after fifteen minutes of crying and frantically rubbing the wound between your legs while the nail-scissors watch silently from the bed table, knowing what your skin looks like from within

3] The one that doesn’t come at all because no amount of manga-boy-fucks-another-manga-boy-on-bed-of-roses can distract you from the unanswered calls blinking on your phone screen

4] The one that smells like a blow to the face and vomit in your throat and your hand down a stranger’s pants and how he said your mouth was a mass grave and you nodded and swallowed his truth because nothing hurts more than admitting this may not have been what you wanted after all

5] The one she gave you after the feather she promised would turn into a bird smashing into your windows while you sleep, waking you to a choir of guilt for not leaving them open but you just don’t want so see how the weather changes tonight



Dr Faust converses with Schrödinger

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Sudden Denouement Literary Collective


Was it alive?

Does it matter? When you think about it, there’s no proof for either side. The very idea ofnotbeing is incomprehensible to the human mind. We bleed for meaning, for something to tear at, we cry in the shower while stroking ourselves, nipping the folds of salvation. We come to the thought of eternal life or eternal damnation, both irresistible to us, stirring a perverse satisfaction in our gut. We press cigarette ends to our wrists, kiss boys with white collars just to taste god between their legs, wake up with a smashed bottle of cyanide in our hands and fingerprints around our necks. We are here and we are not. The meaning of life is immaterial once we’re aware of it; to want is to be alive, to survive is to

never know.

I believe you found the core of the poodle…

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Stream of consciousness – mania

Woman Biting Gray Nails in Her Mouth


I’m on a train without rails
It never moves, just switches station

I send memes to friends I no longer talk to and tell them how I’ve always loved them
I laugh hysterically at the kitchen table at 11 PM
I remember the men who tried to touch me shut up you’re disgusting disgusting I’ll eat you don’t touch me claw bash you in my voice becomes theirs shut up shut up shut your fucking mouth and collapse on my bed need sleep the notebook burns against my cheek mass hysteria he says, mass hysteria is when a large group of people are all imagining the same thing it’s like your books Harry Potter isn’t real you know hahahahahaahahaha so have you been talking to God today I ask and on my bed again my skin longs for knuckles no no not really I actually love myself to death I have nothing to give myself but pleasure the sheets the rustle hello do you want to fuck everything is so beautiful desirable I’m coming over and over and it’s not enough and I read my messages and god they hate me this time I’ve really ruined it they’re all angry they want to hurt me now no one cares no one’s thinking of me no one wants so see me happy and where are we going can I step off please no I don’t think this is for me excuse me can I step off can I step can I step can I can I can I can I can I can’t




Stolen life


I might be living a stolen life.

Not literally stolen, of course. I’m not one to believe there is a certain amount of happiness in the world, or that some just aren’t destined for it. Still, I know a few people who could have been here in my place. Women I never knew but who walked the same paper thin stage floor, women who danced on glass and fell through. Women who never stood a chance.

You’re bipolar? You must be incredibly talented. So many great writers were bipolar, did you know that? Agatha Christie. Virginia Woolf. Sylvia Plath.

But Sylvia died. She taped the door to her children’s bedroom then gassed herself to death using her own oven. As for me? I was born to the 21st century. I wasn’t burned a witch. My brain wasn’t fried on the table of an analphabetic doctor and my frontal lobe wasn’t punctured with surgical steel. I was born to a wealthy country with one of the best health care systems in the world. I got help. I got my brain chemistry corrected with a crispy, white blackberry-tasting pills. I got free psychotherapy. I got better.

And now I’m here, awake and hungry, in all likelihood abut to pursue my dreams. I have decades of time to produce poems and novels, to hold someone’s hand under the covers, to eat and fuck and to pick another fight. Good on me. And good on the world – to be blessed with a lifetime’s worth of my words! High in fat and pretentiously spiced! Could you possibly have wished for better?

There are days I feel bleak. Wasted, like a wreath of flowers on a coffin. Had Sylvia lived through her disease this world would have so many more of her works to relish in. Works that comforted girls with sharp fringes and sliced thighs. Who am I to compare to her? Who am I to take her, or any woman’s place? They all died and I lived. As if I needed another proof there is no god.

I’m living a stolen life. A life that rages like waves never reaching shore, drowning everything in its way, a life that shrieks and bulges like a slaughterhouse on fire. A life that should have been theirs.

But I can’t say I’m not glad it’s mine.






The Nowhere Scribbles

Charming woman in underground parking lot Free Photo


You wake up on bus number 6. All the other passengers are asleep. Their faces shrunken, eyelids hanging down their chin. Some are hanging over their seats like laundry left to dry, one man with his head half-way through the windscreen, as if he tried to escape but were left immobilized by a sudden apathy. The brakes are singing, the currents of Styx licking the wheels. You’ve had this dream before.

You’re walking trough the subway train. No people, poles or benches, no scrapped newspapers covering the floor or cigarette butts smeared on the seats. The engine’s dry, the lights in the tunnel have gone out. The windows are covered with faces, slick bodies pushing up against the glass, trying to get in. They all have your voice.

Nowhere calls you as the detonator sets to zero. You haven’t bothered packing, you know you’re not going anywhere. The man in the elevator smiles at you. He asks you to place a coin underneath his tongue. You kiss his cheek and leave a message on your answering machine. I’m sorry, now’s not my time. Please check back Sunday.



woman wearing black top


When she walked into my life, cocked shotgun in her hands and grinning slits on her hips, my first instinct was to play dead. I didn’t want to know her story. I put my head on the grass and peered at her trough half-shut eyelids. She wore lipstick the shade of sun-bleached guts and smelled like that time I almost confessed my love to my best friend. I couldn’t stop thinking – were my hands clean enough? I had swabbed every page clear, leaving no trace of weakness, yet myself I reeked of imprisonment. She bent my head back and breathed into my nostrils, and I felt it – the wash of summer, chasing away the stench of gin and ejaculate, buns left in the oven too long and hospital waiting rooms. In that moment I dreamt of kissing her on her stomach curve, of dipping my fingers into soft flesh and letting her into the parts of me that even the vultures wouldn’t pick. I lay awake staring into the ceiling and for the first time the hands that caressed my folds were tender, mimicking the touch of another woman. I was slipping trough the barrier, seeing myself trough the eyes of this enchanting, plum-haired creature who had seen into my most naive hopes. And what I saw was promise.