Meat bag

Woman Punching Red Heavy Bag


Anonymous said: you must honor other people’s feelings
I remember when my body was full of threads
scared to move lest I ensnared someone else
now my hands are guilt free
when I secure the knot
giving you the greatest gift I can muster:






I spent this year as a ringed bird
recording each place i went to
with metal wires around my thighs
another discovery, another shackle
a place I couldn’t go
in August I returned
to erase every step
reclaiming the map
while you
keep searching
the routes where I
once needed you
I’m learning to
walk through mountains
and should you one day
decide to follow
I’ll leave you a red cotton reel
next to my seal of farewell
so you may count every inch
of a life wasted
haunting ghosts



This piece of mine was published on Free Verse Revolution as a part of the theme “Redemption”! ❤


Two Female Standing Near Building Structure

(Oh gods, no.)
I remember your face.
(Flushed, gritted teeth, threatening to kill me.)
Yes, I’m doing good.
(Only my therapist knows what you did.)
I’m glad!
(You’re gone.)
I wish you the best!
(Trying to forget me.)





Woman Holding Two Kitchen Knives

stray flock
red markers
emerald hair
an easy victim
woman, below 25, attractive
rather shapely back-end
shallow, girly confidence
Watch out I’m a writer I destroy
powder, eyeliner and rejecting stares
possibly suicidal
ejaculate on my scarred thighs
someone’s cliché fantasy
intellectual and irresistible
a woman young enough to be your grandchild
why should I ever doubt my fortune?




Sex During Surgery

Grayscale Photo of Naked Person


I made a joke
of pretending to be injured
when actually I was only transparent
the light shining through me
revealing the unforgiving truth;

you can be better.

But with these latex-clad hands
wriggling against my uterine wall
it is so hard to stay anesthetized
all I can do is hold my breath
and pray for release

The source of my problem was an idealistic mindset
he swore to remove carefully
Everything must be kept sterile he said
while using a rusty pair of pliers
to pinch the shame from my eyes

Do you know your chances of successful delivery are
one to infertility?
Do you really want this in you?
I cry into the piercing light of the fluorescent
I wish to be reborn as a softer being
freed from this prison of motherhood and lust
this kind of love
that will leave you naked and ripped open
in a cheap motel bed at 5 in the morning

Am I too alive for you,
my aseptic lover?
Will you need me sedated,
a twitching sack of flesh underneath your fingers?
I don’t want to sleep with a meat cleaver tucked in between my thighs
and wake up just in time for the slaughter
Now I’m the one to sever the transfusion tubing
loosening your grip on my past
You are not welcome here
this is my dream



Reuploading a revised classic of mine.
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