I’m not your little lady

woman on black suit posing with white smoke background

I’m not your little lady
with the harness and whip and come-stained sheets
I’m not the misunderstood writer
carving sonnets onto her sleeve
while you impale yourself
on the briar roses
surrounding my tower
I’m not the wayward dame
who ought to take her feet off the table
and cover her rosebud ears
as you make another sexist joke
yes, I know my shoes are nice
and I know you want to stick your dick in me
but you see I’m not the answer to your question
whether you’re still man enough
I’m the wire around your fence
the nail you left
on your staircase to heaven
but women like me have a special place in hell
and believe me,
we will vouch for you.





Medusa tempts Eve

Woman Hiding Under Green Leafed Tree

Darling you know he only loves the part of you that’s him
You know he only wants you to lay beneath him
while he harvests the nectar from your womb
His children will conquer the earth
while you lay paralyzed in eternal labor
condemned to suffer
by his lust

Darling the world doesn’t need another tale
where woman is weak
torn hymen
bleeding on the altar of Athena
We don’t need more tales
where the women who defend themselves
become monsters
and the men who slay them
are pronounced heroes

The world needs a sweeping plague of a woman
to wage war on rapist gods
while the gardens of Eden crumble at our feet
we will hunt
and we will






two women smoking while leaning on yellow wall

She slid out of me
like a splinter pulled from a grenade
climbed her Harley and spat out her gum
she said I will not write about this
you just haven’t hurt me enough
I stared in disbelief
the word woman burning on my lips
and summer was gone and our gardens
lay frozen
whereas I still danced with torches
creating infernal pathways
she was too heavy to walk




It’s all business to you

two women laying on bed

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The trembling knock on my door,
the accidental kiss
and the accidental hotel sex that followed,
how you accidentally took my hand and said
you were sorry

I’m now painting your hands on bullets,
polishing the trigger
(it is not her you love, is it?)
I’ve gathered all these fantasies
like pimples of my cheeks
I’m so much bigger
than my adoration for you
thrown glances
from behind a desk

yes I might be
eternally the student
the manic in the crowd
throwing obscenities at the judge

but the price wasn’t you
And we both know
who won.

So anyway,
how are you?





They say 3 AM is the most likely time to give birth
but I didn’t know when I knelt on the bathroom floor,
soaked in unwanted love
it also so happens to be the most likely time to die

(- some nights I can’t tell them apart.)

I thought 24 years would teach me silence
how to talk without ripping
but your paper planes tore through my walls
whizzed past my ears like bullets
Now I wish I was breaking heart shaped boxes
(Hey! Wait! I’ve got a new regret!)
a love letter,
a plea
to an absent mother
that never would be me




OCD 2.1

two women hugging each other

I was born
a broken fence
an animal farm
where the dogs aren’t sleeping
and I cannot lie;
I’ve been the hilt
the truth that kissed me
(I never could contain you)

but as we hugged
all the wolves ran by
and none of them noticed me
I was invisible
white flicker between rain
safe in the moment
until the alarm goes off
and the world falls off its hinges
I look out my window
forget about judgement
tinted lenses and smearing eyes
my greatest fear is that
no one is watching