Kostnadsfri bild av attraktiv, behaglig, blomma

Like many girls,

I was born with a grenade pin in my hand

I spend the nights listening

to the silent countdown

I’m a rootless and fragile thing

in a hurry to live

before I’m torn apart by my delusions

cry metal,

bleed out everything

I’ve ever owned


brown and white wolf standing on pathway near trees

On these cloven feet

I hunt for holier hearts

running from boredom

and loving for sport

there’s no hand I won’t bite

no man I won’t let down

don’t wait for me

give me a name,

be gone sooner

another face in my brick wall

7 times I said yes

1 was for revenge. Flick of tongue deeper than your promises

2 nothing but a fountain of blood

3 was the first time I googled ”pregnant, symptoms”

4 left a bar of chocolate and a note saying ”I’m sorry” in my bag

5 wasn’t at all, but I didn’t say no (fair game)

6 was for the words ”this might make me love you”

7 is what I intend to say to bring you back

Mr Sharp

woman in black shirt standing near green wall

I had sex with Mr Sharp.

His hands have the funniest smell.

Like a basement hiding a starved child.

Mr Sharp knows I tried.

Believes each lie, demands more.

Mr Sharp lurks in my bathroom cabinet

waiting for my lust to kick in.

I hear his voice though it’s distant,

Mr Sharp loves me still.

Tears through poetry, sleep and wake.

Mr Sharp will let me go in time.

when I am older and more indifferent.

Until then we’ll keep dying for each other.

Until then we’ll fight this world.

For the want of a nail

grayscale photo of woman in dress standing on tree branch

I long

to attach myself

to change,

to survival,

to temporary solutions.

I wish to become

art, Christ, pain manual

I wish for you to walk these steps

I need you to resent me

and once I’m gone I pray

you inherit this rust

punctured lung,

hammer and plank

human sacrifice

and the need to breathe.

The Fermi Paradox (Where is everybody?)

aurora lightning

Conditions needed

are rare or non-existent

we exist at a very special point of time

a breath unreleased

intelligent life destroys others

intelligent life destroys itself

we’re already dead

communication is dangerous

everyone is transmitting,

no one is receiving

we haven’t listened properly

we haven’t listened for long enough

earth is deliberately not contacted

is there really no one

out there?