I’m not your little lady

woman on black suit posing with white smoke background

I’m not your little lady
with the harness and whip and come-stained sheets
I’m not the misunderstood writer
carving sonnets onto her sleeve
while you impale yourself
on the briar roses
surrounding my tower
I’m not the wayward dame
who ought to take her feet off the table
and cover her rosebud ears
as you make another sexist joke
yes, I know my shoes are nice
and I know you want to stick your dick in me
but you see I’m not the answer to your question
whether you’re still man enough
I’m the wire around your fence
the nail you left
on your staircase to heaven
but women like me have a special place in hell
and believe me,
we will vouch for you.





12 thoughts on “I’m not your little lady

  1. Yes, what Bojana said. Yet I like the image of a man trying to climb up your tower to sweep you off your feet, dying from a thousand wounds made by your briar roses. He will blame you naturally, never thinking it was his fault for coming unannounced. Just shrug.

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      1. Not the first time this happens! Remember that piece of yours ending with ‘you will never be in a fairytale’ — can’t remember the exact phrase. I was thinking something similar these days.

        Great minds think alike, my dear!

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      2. Oh boy do I! It was one of those heat of the moment lines, just like this one. And yup, we’ve proven it over and over by practically reading each other’s minds ๐Ÿ˜‰ โค

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