two women smoking while leaning on yellow wall

She slid out of me
like a splinter pulled from a grenade
climbed her Harley and spat out her gum
she said I will not write about this
you just haven’t hurt me enough
I stared in disbelief
the word woman burning on my lips
and summer was gone and our gardens
lay frozen
whereas I still danced with torches
creating infernal pathways
she was too heavy to walk





39 thoughts on “Fuchsia

  1. Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing but the line where the speaker said they wouldn’t write about this because “you haven’t hurt me enough” –it cracked me up in a knowing way. like I so get you kind of way. Hahhaah. How sad yeah we sometimes write best when hurt. Honestly, I write well when I am supported and loved. But yes, I have also written through pain occasionally. Pain makes me freeze up. Emotional pain does sometimes.

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    1. Haha don’t worry I totally get you too :,,D that line was presented as “hers” but it was my own, actually. (ah, artistic freedom!)
      Yeah, hurt can be an inspiration, although I too like writing when I’m happy and inspired. I get that too – sometimes if I freeze up I’ll just scribble a few keywords into my notebook and turn it into a poem the next day, when I’ve calmed down.


      1. I awoke this morning thinking of how my life has been so impossibly good and easy and, pow! That line just knocked me over into my cup of coffee! You sure do nail it, Nicole. XOX MRB

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    1. Aww … I’m so glad you’re saying that because sometimes I just look back at these things and like… wut, that was so boring…/ so cliche/… you know? Most of the time I’m proud though. You should be too ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw man… try to take some time to gather yourself? Relax and put everything aside for a bit, do something you enjoy. It’s okay to take a break.


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