Meat bag

Woman Punching Red Heavy Bag


Anonymous said: you must honor other people’s feelings
I remember when my body was full of threads
scared to move lest I ensnared someone else
now my hands are guilt free
when I secure the knot
giving you the greatest gift I can muster:






I spent this year as a ringed bird
recording each place i went to
with metal wires around my thighs
another discovery, another shackle
a place I couldn’t go
in August I returned
to erase every step
reclaiming the map
while you
keep searching
the routes where I
once needed you
I’m learning to
walk through mountains
and should you one day
decide to follow
I’ll leave you a red cotton reel
next to my seal of farewell
so you may count every inch
of a life wasted
haunting ghosts



This piece of mine was published on Free Verse Revolution as a part of the theme “Redemption”! ❤


Two Female Standing Near Building Structure

(Oh gods, no.)
I remember your face.
(Flushed, gritted teeth, threatening to kill me.)
Yes, I’m doing good.
(Only my therapist knows what you did.)
I’m glad!
(You’re gone.)
I wish you the best!
(Trying to forget me.)





Woman Holding Two Kitchen Knives

stray flock
red markers
emerald hair
an easy victim
woman, below 25, attractive
rather shapely back-end
shallow, girly confidence
Watch out I’m a writer I destroy
powder, eyeliner and rejecting stares
possibly suicidal
ejaculate on my scarred thighs
someone’s cliché fantasy
intellectual and irresistible
a woman young enough to be your grandchild
why should I ever doubt my fortune?