Topless Man With Both Hands on Chest

I cut my finger on the truth
it bled and bled in uppercase NO
people offered me napkins but nothing could stop it
others shoved glass into the wound
to see how far it could expand
until it assimilated into my skin
are you listening, are you?
a butchered dream
can last a lifetime
if you nurture it well,



grayscale photo of woman

when they came for our words
we dug our hands bloody in search
of the perfect hiding spot
we didn’t know
the goal was to be found.

we covered our faces in dusk
and hoped the other’s lights
were a little brighter
than our own;
not enough to choke
our flame,
just enough to give them
the blame.



person holding black rat

they said accept what makes you different
but don’t get your heart lost in the act
little did they know
I pawn it in exchange for peace of mind
before each set of words,
then buy it back a little more meaty,
a little more caring
than before.


Dogs of Heaven

Woman Biting Gray Nails in Her Mouth

Teach me about
how you let her
drip between your thighs
like miscarriages
with the threat that this, too
might be her last day so take
what you get and(they are close now)
catching up in your sleep
staining the sheets
with the scent of her