You said “:'(“

Man Holding Face

I meat this entry
for later
– as soon as someone
puts grief on the menu
we’re all carnivores




“Sorry” marks the spot

left human hand with x mark

taste the poem in this:
somewhere I’m five years old and analphabetic
chopping word salad painting pleasure on the screen
yes I’m a videowhore
the colors always end up looking
clearer than I imagined
perhaps it was a phase after all
the ice sits untouched in the freezer
people say you should be proud
like I’m doing this for you (question mark)
am I far enough away to write about this
am I blind enough to call this art




Thank you for your contribution

Grayscale Photography of Person Tied in Chains

I:woman:two entities locked
in symbiosis:
one of us constantly hurts
grinds against any sharp object they can find
while the other just pretends they cannot feel it
glues on lipstick swallows a bottle of Xanax
and calls the neighbor a whore
I tell my body to shut please shut but it opens
death herself reached her bony fingers in
and pulled a joke out of my womb
court says I have to bear it
embryo:tumor:worth more than me
and every child soldier in the world
if you ask me what it means to be a woman
I’d say I have no clue
except every time I ask what I truly want
someone else seems to have the answer



This life

woman taking selfie

this life
like a wreath of flowers
on a coffin
sour grounds
if boiled long enough
makes an earthquake
believe me this war
has nothing to do with
this life
may it comfort girls
with sharp fringes
and sliced thighs
women who danced
on glass
and fell through
this life
waves never reaching shore
shrieks and bulges
a slaughterhouse on fire
should have been theirs
but I cannot say
I’m not glad
it’s mine.





Women's Red Crew Neck Shirt

I plagiarized your heartbreak
and made it everyone’s
I took credit for you
never wanting to forgive
(actually, I did so a long time ago)
but how do you live down the guilt
of not being damaged enough
mass hysteria he says
mass hysteria is when a large group of people
are all imagining the same thing
Harry Potter isn’t real you know
well have you been talking to God today?
sorry I wasn’t paying attention
sorry I wasn’t there
sorry I made you feel like I was special
but I just can’t live on fantasies
faeries starve castles burn
I regret to inform you that I made
a full recovery
I hate to say they want me to leave




You’d done the same. Henna Johansdotter

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Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Isn’t it easier to be
to beat the world to tainting your name?
the hospital says they won’t have me
no one wants to nurse a grenade
suffering is a shield I will wed it if I have to
now it seems strange for a person so obviously in love with words
not to know a single way to say “stay”
I was never art until I learned how to hurt
I’m an attentive student I lick the words I eject
to see if they still taste of you
the flavor of Revenge:sickly sweet:
people will tell you our story is about love
I say it’s about survival
each defeat hands me a choice
and in the end
I always end up saving myself

Henna Johansdotter, the goth girl next-door. Aspiring author. Monstrophile. Horror enthusiast. She writes to cope with mental illness and everyday experiences. Find her at

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